Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I've finally done it!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! I'm literally learning as I go along so I apologise for the basic start - I can do cards, but I'm not so good at 'doing' technology!

Out of little acorns....

A quick introduction - 

I have been making cards all my life, only I didn't realise until my mum showed me photos of me proudly showing off creations I'd made for my brother when I must have been about 8! I remember my first paid commission for a wedding card when I was about 15, I was so excited and proud, I remember doing all the lettering in fancy gold calligraphy, I wish I had a picture of that one! 

Another memory is of making our wedding invitations and stationery 16 years ago, so I must have been very much into it then, but I have to say in the following few years with babies and a full-time job, creativity took a back seat!

In 2004 I walked past a Papermill shop on holiday in the north-east and I was captivated. All this paper and cardstock! So many colours! Fill a box.....I filled TWO! The slippery slope - I was hooked!!!Since then, and with a 3rd baby (now 10) and a supportive and patient husband, my hobby has grown and grown, out of a bedroom and into the dining room, which is lovely as I prefer being at the heart of my fabulous family, who is always prepared to eat tea 'on knees' if I have a project all over the table (quite often)

I shall endeavour to share my craft makes regularly along with hints and tips on how to achieve them. I am so lucky to have a gorgeous circle of crafty friends and we all inspire each other, so I look forward to a bit of blog hopping and linking, I hope you'll come with me on this next exciting stage of my crafty journey!

Thanks for dropping by! See you very soon! 

Nicky xx